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Wolf Children <3

My Animal OC's

PC- Suta (1/13) by FoxTonePC- Hyde (2/13) by FoxTonePC- Dubsy (3/13) by FoxTonePC- Kiki (4/13) by FoxTonePC- Ty (5/13) by FoxTonePC-Chuie  (6/13) by FoxTonePC- Butter (7/14) by FoxTonePC- Nyanii (8/13) by FoxTonePC-Aurora (9/13) by FoxTonePC- Iris (10/13) by FoxTonePC-Tikka (11/13) by FoxTonePC- Dino (11/13) by FoxTonePC- Kyo (13/13) by FoxTonePC-Aion (1+13/13) by FoxTonePC-Galaxy (2+13/13) by FoxTonePC- Demencia by FoxTone
All by the amazing :iconfoxtone:!!!!

Awesome Pawsome People ^^

Best Niggas 4evur by Meli-chan3Best Niggas 4evur by Meli-chan3
The Bae:

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Does my basework posts annoy you? 

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No deviants said idc tbh


Attempting styles of pixels....I feel like I copied someone q.q


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Meli-chan3 has started a donation pool!
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:star:Each teeny Pho Teeny by Meli-chan3 is 10:points: and each set of 5 is 40 :points:
Please include a reference (primarily felines and canines) and pay first before I get started. Unlimited slots ^^ Best Niggas 4evur by Meli-chan3
If you'd like zoom-in of it as well, please pay and extra 2 :points: as it takes a bit of time.
Kaze Zoom-in by Meli-chan3
Animated: +5 :points: each Teeny animated
Meli Teeny Animated by Meli-chan3
Animated AND zoom-in included: +10 :points: EACH

Pixel Cat Army by Meli-chan3

I have yet to figure out how to make the background transparent, I'm sorry.

Any questions? Ask away!!! :star:

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You Know what Grinds my Gears?

Sun Jul 27, 2014, 12:26 AM
When you pay others for art. and I mean PAY like, actual points/money.
And they don't draw it for an amount of time in which they claim to be able to complete within a certain time span, it doesn't happen and you wait, then you kindly remind them and they promise you it will be done ASAP and it doesn't happen where you then kindly remind them again (6 months later) and you wait and wait and wait all the way until....
Seriously??? Is that fucking necessary?
I mean, you open commissions, do them all as fast as possible and I see it.
I pay you for it which you promise to commit and I respect, but once I don't see that fulfilled, I wait a bit longer (speaking a bit as in weeks) as I know life is hectic and all.
After about a month, I kindly remind you about it in which you reply to an hour later with another promise and I wait, but even longer than before, even after that promise is once again failed.
At this point, I am iffy on whether you even want to complete my commission and so I ask to see what progress is going on and kindly ask for a refund, as I may have found another artist to commission but will not as long as I trust you. But am ignored.
And finally, after a few weeks of journals, OTHER NEW commissions/art trades/gifts are posted, you decide to deactivate, no art, no points.
I mean, I know shit happens in life, but I can't believe I waste points or art on people like that. Same goes with art trades, and I usually finish first.
It has happened to me three times already, but enough is enough. I've spent AT LEAST 100 points on each of them, and nothing.
I will no longer pay for a commission first until I see it done. I don't want this to happen again, and this along with a couple of other things have been causing some trust issues on dA for me. I will send people this journal if I see similar scenarios in their portfolios. Yes, some people make me wait about a year for art, or profusely apologize on the lateness, but at least they confront it. Or actually try to, not just leave with a big ''fuck you''.
This has happened to a lot of people I know too, it has to stop. Freeloaders. -_-
Well fuck you too, you aren't worth that much for art.

(Sorry for rant, just seriously...3 TIMES.)


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:bulletgreen:-Spice and Wolf
:bulletgreen:-Queen's Blade (5ep. OVA)
:bulletgreen:- Kuttsukiboshi
:bulletgreen:-Le Portrait de Petite Cossette
:bulletgreen:- Boku no Pico (Ohhhhh how I REGRET IT...)
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:bulletgreen:-Bladr Force EXE
:bulletgreen:- Squid Girl
:bulletgreen:-Strike Witches
:bulletgreen:-Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt
:bulletgreen:- My Little Monster
:bulletgreen:-This ugly yet beautiful world
:bulletgreen:-Moeyo Ken
:bulletgreen:-Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne
:bulletgreen:-Full Metal Fumoffu!
:bulletgreen:-Rosario Vampire
:bulletgreen:-Anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day
:bulletgreen:-Attack on Titan
:bulletgreen:- Bludgeoning Angel Dokuro-chan
:bulletgreen:- Kill La Kill
:bulletred:-Nyan Koi
:bulletred:- Save Me! Lollipop
:bulletred:-Ah!My Goddess
:bulletred:-D. Gray Man
:bulletred:-Blue Drop
:bulletred:-Corpse Princess
:bulletred:-Ghost Hound
:bulletred:-Princess Tutu
:bulletred:-Tears to Tiara
:bulletred:-Ga-Rei Zero
:bulletred:-XXX Holic
:bulletred:-Chrome Shell Regios
:bulletred:-Linebarrels of Iron
:bulletred:-The Sacred Blacksmith
:bulletred:-Night Raid 1951
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:bulletred:-Soul Eater
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:bulletgreen:- Wolf Children

Argentina Fan~

Flag of Argentina by EmilyStor3Flag of Argentina by EmilyStor3
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